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Let’s set the scene…

Your best friend has impeccable taste and a tendency to be honest when they don’t like a gift. Your partner already has everything they need and shrugs when you ask what you could buy for them.

Finding gifts for your loved ones should be a time of reflection, love, and excitement, but (more often than not) it leaves you feeling stressed and frustrated. Read on to learn how to put the joy back into gift-giving with the ultimate home decor gift guide.

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Gifts for the one with impeccable taste

When purchasing gifts for your loved one with effortless elegance and style, you want to find something timeless that reflects their interior design style. Steer clear of statement pieces and opt for versatile pieces that blend seamlessly with the rest of their decor.

Luxury Bed Linens

Sleeping between gossamer sheets of Egyptian cotton is impossible to beat. Quality linens are a timeless and useful gift that your loved one will appreciate for years

When purchasing linens for friends and family, stick to neutral tones to ensure they can blend seamlessly with multiple design styles.

Coffee table books

Coffee table books are both stylish and interesting, acting as a conversion starter in any living room. To find the perfect coffee table book, draw inspiration from their interests and passions.

If they constantly talk about their vacation in Italy, find a coffee table book on Italian architecture. If they grew up doing ballet dancing, a coffee table book on the art of dance might be the perfect gift. Letting their preferences guide you is the best way to ensure your gift is meaningful.

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Gifts for the one who always hosts

The special person in your life may have an affinity for making everyone around them feel welcomed and special. To show your appreciation, look for a gift that shows how much you appreciate them or something functional that they can use when they host.

Tall candles and decorative candle sticks

For any dinner party, eye-catching table decor is a must. Choosing narrow and tall decor items minimizes the surface area wasted while maximizing the visual impact of the decor.

Narrow candle holders and long candlesticks are timeless and versatile pieces that are great decorating options for their dining table. Luxury candles are a versatile and functional gift that helps your loved one complete their table design.

Tall vases

Continuing with the “tall” theme, gift them a tall vase to use as a centerpiece for their dining table or kitchen counter.

Choose a vase made from materials that you’ve noticed throughout their home. For example, if their home is beachy and light, opt for a rough ceramic vase. If their home is modern and sleek, opt for vases made from shiny metals or colored glass.

Table runners

Table runners form the base of any table design, giving you a decorating direction to take for the rest of your table decor. The more table runners you have to choose from, the more creative you can be with your table design.

When choosing the perfect table runner gift, remember that neutral colors are timeless and versatile, while colorful patterns are fun and inspiring.

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Gifts for the one who has everything

For that person who is impossible to buy for and has no need or want, the best gift is something that can be used up or finished, or something easily interchangeable that increases their design flexibility.


Lighting a scented candle is the easiest way to create an inviting atmosphere in your home. You can choose scents related to the season or an approaching holiday, or stick with a year-round scent that you know your loved one enjoys.

Throw pillows

Custom throw pillows offer an easy way to change up the style of a room, and are available in so many fabrics and colors

Choose pillow covers in colors and textures that mimic the existing style of the home. Pillows with interesting patterns and muted toned-down colors are perfect for most homes You will also find pillows that make interesting use of fabric and leather with multiple colors that compliment each other. A great way to enhance any sofa or chair. And certainly a good way to be the recipient of endless compliments.

Picture frames

You can never have enough framed pictures of family and friends. Gift your loved one a picture frame or two that they can use around their home or on their desk at work. Simple black or white frames are perfect for modern homes, while ornate gold or brass frames are perfect for glamorous and classic homes. If you don’t know what interior design style your loved one has, you can never go wrong with a leather-wrapped frame from Italy.

You can also print out a photo of one of your shared memories to make the gift more personal and special.

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Gifts for the one who loves glamor

The ideal gift for your glamorous loved one is something bold and elegant that makes a statement within their home’s design. Steer clear of ultra-modern pieces because this style opposes glamour and could look out of place.


You can never go wrong with glamorous home accessories. When you’re aiming for luxury, look for opulent and shiny materials that play with light. Glass accessories from Guaxs like vases or light fixtures, or polished metal accessories like trays or sculptures are perfect gifts to compliment your loved one’s glamorous home.

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Gifts for the one who’s always outside

If your loved one can’t get enough of the outdoors, the perfect gift for them can be used inside and outside, or points to their love of sunshine and nature.

Warm woven throws

Although Florida’s winters are on the milder side, it’s still wonderful to have throw blankets to use outside when the weather gets cooler. Choosing woven Alpaca blankets to ensure instant pleasure as their softness never gets old. Neutral colors are always guaranteed to blend in nicely with any home style.

Some throw blankets may double as picnic blankets, so you could add a picnic basket to complete your gift.

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Gifts for the one who works too much

For those who are constantly on the go and never know when to call it quits, too often, the best gift you can give them is something that helps them relax, rest, and take moments to reflect on their lives and their accomplishments.

Table lamps

Table lamps are wonderful pieces of decor that alter the atmosphere of a room. Be sure to use a warm white bulb to help create cozy mood lighting that invites them to sit and rest now and then.

Choose a lamp base made from materials you’ve already seen around your loved one’s home. Wooden bases add an organic touch to the room, glass bases create a sense of tranquility and calmness, and ceramic bases help ground a space by adding substance.

Calming artwork

The right piece of artwork has the potential to completely transform a space and invoke feelings of restoration and relaxation.

Choose artwork inspired or influenced by nature to help create a calm atmosphere. Greens, blues, and shades of brown are all going to help your loved one remember.

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