Working With An Interior Designer To Choose The Best Home Decor & Finishes

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Whether you’re remodeling or building from scratch, home decor and finishes make a world of difference. Good home decor is a uniquely personal expression of your style; it also works to pull all the elements of your home together into a cohesive and stunning unit. If you don’t know where to start, our interior designers are on hand to make sure your dream vision becomes a reality.

Why Finishes Are So Important

When we picture the home we want to create, we’re likely thinking of the big things. Windows, furniture, dramatic lighting fixtures; they all easily come to mind in a zoomed-out perspective, letting you imagine the feel of the home you want. Finishes are here to fill the gaps and pull the space together. They work wonders for a space that seems empty and impersonal.

Finishes can be anything from a door handle to a vase to a pop of color on a coffee table–they’re all the things that make a house feel like a home. An effective way to bring inspired finishes into your home is to choose a centerpiece and work around it. This will help keep the theme consistent while still showing a much-needed personal touch.

If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit, Customize It

We’re a big fan of custom work. There’s nothing quite like having elements of your home created just for you, with your vision and your personality in mind. Custom works can range from different metallic finishes on a piece from a collection, right the way to bespoke pieces made solely for your home.

Here at Designer’s Mark, some of our favorite home decor finishes come from the talented hands at Nest Studio Home. Form and function align in the Nest collections to make inspired, innovative, and custom home finishes. From modern to timeless classic, they have designs to suit any style while retaining the durability they need to be a staple in your home. Each collection comes in several differently toned finishes, giving you the freedom to blend the pieces with your home’s color scheme or use them for a pop of color in a simple room.

What An Interior Designer Can Do For You

Interior designers can take away the stress of sourcing materials, furniture, blinds, and other home decor finishes. This leaves you with creative reins without all the admin. An interior designer will work with you every step of the way. They’ll make sure that your vision is coming to life. In addition, they’ll be able to fill in the gaps; inspire you with showroom tours and finishes you hadn’t thought of! Lastly, they’ll be able to ease the stress of installation. The best part? Your home can remain a place for you to relax. We’ll make sure your home decor and finishes are set up with practiced ease.

Because designers work from the very first stage to the very last, you can be sure that all pieces are chosen with the utmost care and attention to how well suited they would be in your home. Most importantly, they will help you plan and visualize your home, giving you a wide array of ideas and options to choose from.

Home Decor & Finishes With Designer’s Mark

Our Boca Raton showroom is the perfect starting place for your new home. Whether you have the vision of your home fully formed, or you’re just starting to explore; there’s something for you at Designer’s Mark. We host a wide range of home decor finishes for you to see and get inspired by. Our designers are on hand to help you make your mark.

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