What’s New With Arteriors Lighting?

Arteriors lighting

It’s out with the old and in with the new this Spring, and with that comes new and exciting collections from Arteriors lighting. Arteriors have released new lighting fixtures in their timeless bold style, with pieces bridging the gap between modern and experimental. We’ve picked out a few of our Designer’s Mark favorites:

Designer Spotlight: Arteriors Lighting

Arteriors has always had a focus on bold and inspired designs that evoke everyday luxury. Their designers work off of themes from nature, fashion, and architecture, creating collections that are forward-thinking and like a breath of fresh air. They change up the way you think about lighting, delivering fixtures that enhance your space.

Hozier Oval Chandelier

The bronze and dark steel make this chandelier a striking centerpiece, perfect for dining rooms that need that something extra. The antique bronze tubes are connected to the central band, forming its titular oval shape. With ten inwards-facing bulbs, this provides a diffused golden glow that can change up your space’s atmosphere in moments.

Odell Lamp

Arteriors throws tradition on its head with the Odell lamp, moving the light source to the base of the fixture. The white alabaster cube base has a warm glow with a dramatic backlight, and the brass finished asymmetrical U makes this feel more like a work of art than a light. Minimalist and elegant, this is a favorite of ours for office spaces.

Maradona Pendant

The Maradona Pendant is a classic example of Arteriors’ lighting design prowess. They’ve elevated simple diffused lighting to create this pendant light, with bulbs hidden in white alabaster shades. The marbled finish and the dark contrast of the frame evokes elegance, resulting in a chameleon-like design that’s sure to fit many home styles.

Kenya Lamp

The Kenya lamp shows off Arteriors’ natural design influences, while still creating a fixture that suits several styles. The base of the lamp is meticulously carved, and the raised edges are layered with dark antique brass. The lampshade is made from gray cotton, drawing attention to the art of the base in its stead. We think this piece would work wonders in a natural and airy home.

Nashik Lamp

Keeping on trend with the diffused light, the Nashik lamp glow from both its base and its shade. The white alabaster column is finished with antique brass or bronze steel base. It’s timeless and minimalist, and just different enough to add something interesting to a simple space.

Custom By Arteriors

If you can’t find what inspires you, you can make it. Arteriors has several customization options in their modified stock range, letting you take control to create a lighting fixture that’s perfect for your style and your space. There are many aspects you can change about an existing entry in their line, from shades, switches, dimmers, and ground outlets.

Love the glow but the cotton doesn’t suit your style? Go custom and find what inspires you. The Arteriors custom design team can also work to specific briefs for your space, value-engineering lighting solutions that enhance your home.

Arteriors In Boca Raton

If you want to see Arteriors lighting designs up close, visit the Designer’s Mark showroom in Boca Raton. Our expert consultants are on hand to help you refine your style and take the stress out of redecorating. Whether you’re going custom or you have your eye on a new entry from Arteriors’ lighting collections, we’re here to help you make your mark.

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