The Ultimate Luxurious Bathroom Design Ideas

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Indulging in self-care has become more important than ever since the pandemic started. And where better to practice self-care than from the luxury of your own bathroom? Indulging in the best bathroom design doesn’t have to include a big renovation. A interior design expert of your choosing can help transform your bathroom into a space of complete luxury using decor and a keen eye for detail.

Your bathroom is a space where you should feel relaxed and at peace. If you’re looking to take your bathroom design to the next level, then we’ve got you covered. You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to picking the best décor for your bathroom. Designer’s Mark carries only the best luxury home brands for you to choose from.

The Most Luxurious Bathroom Design Ideas for Your Home

These bathroom design ideas are sure to transform your space into a peaceful sanctuary of bliss and relaxation! Our interior design experts share their favorite bathroom design ideas for your home.

Incorporate Mood Lighting

You can make your bathroom look like a spa retreat with the right lighting. The great thing about the spa is that it feels like a mental and physical escape. You can recreate this blissful atmosphere in your own bathroom with soft lighting. When it comes to creating the right lighting for a calming atmosphere, the more options the better. Look for dimmer fixtures and vanity lighting to set the perfect mood. Or you can opt for a glamorous ceiling fixture with a dimmer setting for an even bigger sense of luxury.

Choose A Bold Wallpaper

Using a bold wallpaper on one side of the bathroom is the perfect way to accent your space. A bold print can transport you to a picturesque paradise while relaxing in your tub. Designer’s Mark carries a range of bold and luxurious wallpapers to choose from. Carl Robinson, Anthology, Harlequin, Omexco, Donghia, and many more! You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing the perfect wallpaper to elevate your bathroom design.

A Heated Towel Rack That Makes A Statement

There is nothing better than to wrap yourself in a warm towel after a hot bath or shower. And nothing screams luxury quite like a heated towel rail. Instead of choosing a conventional towel rail, why not choose one that truly makes a statement?

A bold heated towel rack is the perfect way to combine function with style in your bathroom. Consider an S-shaped style design or one that looks like a set of towel rings instead of the traditional ladder style. Combine this unique style with a brass finish and you’ll be sure to create a modern and sophisticated bathroom design.

Make Your Mirrors A Work of Art

Mirrors can be the perfect accessory to almost any space. Choosing a mirror for your bathroom should be both functional and design oriented. Incorporating the right mirrors into your space can take your bathroom design from bland to glam.

Designer’s Mark carries a range of designer mirrors accessories that will truly transform your space. Our interior design consulting team also offers a unique service that translates your personal style into the accessories displayed throughout your home. The Designer’s Mark ACCESSORIZE service can choose the perfect mirrors for your bathroom design, while maintaining your personal taste and style.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Design with Designer’s Mark

Treat yourself with a new luxurious bathroom design with the help of our interior design team at Designer’s Mark. From gorgeous mirrors, to choosing the perfect mood lighting, our showroom has got it all. For even more convenience, you can now shop our exclusive home furnishings online at the Designer’s Mark Store without ever having to leave your home. We all deserve to enjoy our “me” time so why not enjoy it from the luxury of your own beautifully designed bathroom?

If you’re excited to begin your new bathroom design journey, then visit our Boca Raton showroom today! Or give us a call at (561) 961-4149 to speak to one of our interior design consultants. It’s time to pamper yourself with a luxurious bathroom design upgrade and we’re here to help!

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