The Elegance Of Eurofase Lighting

eurofase lighting

Your home’s atmosphere is created by the lighting system you choose, and Eurofase has collections that will inspire your personal style. From an inner-city apartment to a beach-side home, lighting plays a large role in your home’s feel and style. Using inspiration from modern trends, timeless elegance, and your dream vision; Eurofase lighting fixtures can add the missing touch you’ve been waiting for.

The Story – Eurofase Lighting

For the last 30 years, Eurofase lighting has been leading the way in delivering innovative lighting systems for luxury interiors. With inspiration drawn from nature and crafted with hand-finished excellence, there are collections for every home’s personal style and lighting fixtures for every part of the home; including the exterior. Form and function combine in Eurofase collections to deliver all your lighting needs. Their unique offering of both is consistently on display.

With manufacturing taking place all over the world, customization has never been easier. Passionate about custom projects and intriguing design, Eurofase offers an extensive array of options for the discerning homeowner who’s ready to add a touch of elegance to their home.

Form & Function

Eurofase groups their products into categories: form and function. Form- lights are intricately designed and evoke specific atmospheres, serving as statement pieces that put your home’s style on display. Function- lights illuminate other areas of your home that you want pointed out, from showrooms to art to workspace lighting.

Form lights take center stage as shining statement pieces, accenting a cohesive space around them with individuality and elegant design. Formed from gold and silver metallics that add sophistication to your home’s design, these fixtures make guests do a double take. Golden hues soften the room and create a relaxing warm-toned picture, perfect for evening entertaining or a quiet night in. The Aerie collection takes inspiration from the great outdoors and brings it in; with sconces and structured chandeliers made from gilded branches arranged in an open-cage design.

For a more modern feel, the Paget chandeliers offer the same gilded elegance in pendant-shaped glass drops. Encased sugar glass ripples are illuminated by a warm-gold glow, with this unique construction leaving no two pieces the same.

Additional Products And Statement Pieces

Eurofase also boasts a collection of illuminated mirrors, both free standing and mounted. All pieces will turn a dressing room, bedroom, or bathroom into a haven of elegance. The free-standing rectangular mirror is edged with round LEDs, combining vintage Hollywood style with modern technology in the form of an integrated touch sensor. This standalone piece suits an extravagant closet or bedroom, bringing vintage elegance to a modern space.

Function lights draw all the attention to the statement pieces in your home and your personal style. Recessed and wall mounted lighting systems give simple sophistication where you need it; whether it’s for illuminating art or creating an open kitchen. Eurofase’s sleek linear systems would slot perfectly into a modern kitchen, with pendants and adjustable spotlights giving you just the right light you need.

Eurofase At Designer’s Mark

Looking for that special lighting system for your home? Get inspiration with these lighting projects! Discover the possibilities of innovative lighting for your space. If you’re not sure where to start, we at Designer’s Mark are passionate about helping you refine your vision. We can offer you a selection of curated pieces that you’re sure to love! Additionally, we can help you overhaul your current lighting system entirely. Whether you’re looking for interior and exterior lighting, or simply want to match pieces to favorites that you already have installed; we’re your people.

Contact us today for an appointment today at our Boca Raton Interior Design Showroom, and start your journey to make your home your own.

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