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Saccaro Furniture

SACCARO furniture showroom

Can furniture be infused with love? Saccaro believes it can…

If you’re looking for stunning, versatile furniture that tells a story, Saccaro is the brand for you. Their pieces are known for their history, texture, quality workmanship, and timeless designs. Whether you’re furnishing an indoor, outdoor, or commercial space, Saccaro has the perfect pieces for you.

Read on to learn about where Saccaro began, the brand’s design process, and the many ways you can use Saccaro furniture today.

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    All About Saccaro

    Saccaro Furniture was founded by Albino Saccaro in Caxias do Sul, Brazil over 70 years ago. Since its conception, the brand has become a staple name for interior designers worldwide, producing furniture for those who recognize and value craftsmanship.

    Known for using texture and colorways that celebrate Brazilian origin, Saccaro creates versatile pieces that can fit into residential or commercial settings.

    Inspiration and Design Process

    Saccaro’s founder, Albino, attributes his designs to love. Love is his inspiration, his direction, and his source of motivation. He began designing furniture with the intention of displaying his heart for the people he loves, claiming that “Saccaro is not only a dream. It is the essence of what I am. It is who I am.”

    In 1985, Saccaro began collaborating with celebrated architects, artists, and designers to introduce new life into their collections. The results from these long-term collaborations have been beautiful, functional, and unique pieces.

    Saccaro’s process is unique from other producers because the brand holds collaboration at its core. Each furniture piece, and each part it’s built from, goes through many hands. When you view a Saccaro collection, you’re looking at the work of hundreds–their talents and inspirations layering to create an astounding display of history and culture.

    Saccaro Pieces

    Saccaro designs for the masses and the individual. Each piece is versatile enough to be enjoyed in commercial settings and unique enough to be a one-of-a-kind piece in residential spaces.

    Here are the main spaces you can use Saccaro furniture with ease:


    Cozy, inviting, and luxurious, Saccaro’s indoor collections feature soft textiles and versatile silhouettes. With effortless and timeless lines, each piece tells a story of warm embraces and fond memories.

    Saccaro indoor collections include pieces for the bedroom, dining room, and living room.


    Saccaro outdoor collections feature bold lines, durable materials, and a unique flair. These pieces are built for lovers of sunshine and for gathering around a fire pit as the stars peek through the night sky.

    Saccaro exterior collections include pieces for outdoor dining, lounging, entertaining, and more.


    No commercial space is complete without the Saccaro touch. Their commercial pieces are designed to provide just-like-home comfort with high-fashion style. Each piece is comfortable enough to ensure relaxation, while durable enough to withstand high levels of use.

    Saccaro’s hospitality collections are perfect for resorts, hotels, offices, clinics, restaurants, and clubs. They have options for indoor and outdoor spaces, making it easy to create a cohesive and effortless aesthetic.

    Experience The Love Of Saccaro At Designer’s Mark

    Versatile and timeless, Saccaro furniture is infused with love and beauty. There are few brands that match the quality and design of Saccaro pieces, and fewer still that match their heart and intentionality. Designer’s Mark is proud to display Saccaro furniture as part of our curated selection of quality furniture. Experience the love of Saccaro pieces by visiting our showroom in Boca Raton today.

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