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Donghia Furniture

Donghia showroom

Donghia furniture is home to furnishings that combine classic design with luxury craftsmanship. With a bold mid-century inspiration and the influence of American-Italian glamour, the Donghia team creates collections with personality and flair. Made in the United States with care, we’re proud to welcome Donghia furniture to Designer’s Mark.

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    Donghia Furniture: The Inspirations

    Donghia has a long history. It was founded in 1968 as an American brand by an Italian American interior designer, Angelo Donghia. Donghia merged the influences of mid-century American design with classic Italian luxury, creating a melting pot of inspirations that brought sophistication into mid-century design. Bold textiles and wall coverings are brand signatures, a mirror to a market that was all for neutral tones.

    New collections from Donghia are stylish, versatile, and confident— drawing on the inspirations from the company’s roots right through to modern design. Their ability to put forth well-rounded collections that still retain individuality is astounding, delivering furnishings that have personality as well as excellent craftsmanship.

    Collection Spotlight

    Whether simple and refined or detailed and innovative, Donghia’s offerings can elevate your space with ease. We’ve picked out a few collection spotlights that we feel embrace the core of the brand’s vision and inspiration, and hope they inspire you, too.


    The Origami range draws inspiration from its namesake, the Japanese art of folding paper into unique objects. For furnishings, this requires a skilled hand. Metal foil is cut, folded, and welded into shape with the utmost care to create furniture that’s a conversation starter. The Origami side tables are made with a reflective covering on the inward-facing surfaces, turning the space under the table into a kaleidoscope of colors. Entries are available with a reflective brass or stainless finish.

    Origami Collection


    The Lana chair is the epitome of mid-century style, directly inspired by 1950’s Hollywood glamour with its soft curves and contours. Cleanly tailored and simple in design, this chair melds comfort and aesthetics to make it a perfect fit in any living space. It’s also available on a swivel base for extra comfort and style. The ottoman can be used as a footrest near the chair, or as a complementary piece elsewhere in your home layout.

    Lana Collection


    Cary stands as a contrast piece to the Lana chair. Where the Lana chair brings soft lines and gentle curves, Cary makes a striking impression with squared edges and tighter corners. Fully upholstered and with a separate ottoman, the Cary chair is also available with a swivel base.

    Cary Collection


    The Giselle settee is sculpted to feel light: tapered open sides and cream toned upholstery, with a brushed stainless-steel finish on the metal frame. This makes the Giselle an easy pick for a comfortable seating centerpiece, whether alone or in coordination with an array of other chairs.

    Giselle Collection

    Donghia Furniture at Designer’s Mark

    Ready for something new for your home? Contact us at Designer’s Mark for a private consultation, and let’s get you ready to be inspired. Seeing is believing, and observing the craftsmanship of Donghia furniture up close is sure to help you envision a new beginning for your home. Be bold and experience the quality of handcrafted Donghia furnishings.

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