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Buster & Punch Hardware

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As a style enthusiast, you understand any gorgeous interior design plan comes down to the smallest details to feel cohesive. One crucial element that often gets overlooked during a project is the hardware on the cabinets and doors as well as light switches/wall plates and kitchen faucets. While it may be easy to leave out the basic hardware that comes with the piece, you also miss an opportunity to express your aesthetic style.

The innovative designers at Buster & Punch Hardware have solved this by crafting some of the most captivating hardware available.

Designer’s Mark proudly offers a wide array of door handles, cabinet hardware, lighting & light switches /plates, kitchen faucets, and bathroom towel rails. Let’s explore the world of Buster & Punch Hardware!

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    About Buster & Punch Hardware

    The story of how Buster & Punch Hardware became one of the coveted names in hardware is as unique as their work. In 2012, founder Massimo Buster Minale found himself becoming frustrated with the daily grind of drawings and the slow nature of the architecture industry. To help compensate for this boredom, he needed a creative outlet. Minale began crafting a custom motorbike for himself which caught the attention of Travis Barker, the drummer of rock band blink 182. 

    In collaboration for a short period, he started designing and building custom motorcycles for some of the most famous rock stars and fashion designers in London. His attention to detail and fine craftsmanship soon led to these same elite forces asking him to craft items for their homes. Massimo decided to quit his career as an architect and dedicate his talent to creating the brand Buster & Punch.

    Buster & Punch Hardware Collections

    For over 20 years, Buster & Punch Hardware has strived to make the ordinary extraordinary. As a designer, Minale takes commonly overlooked hardware items and reinvents them into something both distinctly beautiful and functional. Buster & Punch thrives on inspiration and how to make people feel differently about everyday objects. Their innovative approach to unexpected design and lifestyle details is seamlessly showcased in their materials made of rare solid metals. Their lighting, cabinet, electrical switches/plates, kitchen faucets, bathroom fixtures and door hardware collections include:

    Cross Hardware Collection

    Buster & Punch’s most industrial-themed hardware is their Cross collection. Using a CNC lathe, they expertly create a solid metal bar with cross knurling and metal coin screw details. Their Cross line of hardware is not only their original design but also their most iconic. The diamond-cut cross knurling provides a refined industrial aesthetic that screams edgy luxury. 

    The Buster & Punch Cross hardware collection includes furniture knobs, pull bars, closet bars, hooks, T-bars, lighting, light dimmers and bathroom hardware. All the items in this line are available in steel, brass, smoked bronze, and black finishes. While the furniture knobs and accompanying plates come in one standard size, the pull bars and plates are available in small, medium, and large. 

    If you’re looking to add an element of drama to your home, the Cross hardware collection from Buster & Punch is a perfect solution. A throwback to the industrial age, the analog light switches and dimmers, combined with matching lighting is sure to make a topic of conversation.

    Linear Hardware Collection

    Buster & Punch’s Linear hardware collection is the more elegant counterpart to the Cross Collection. It features a slimmed-down rare solid metal bar with a crisp, linear diamond cut knurl and a tapered torx screw detail. No matter where you install Linear hardware in your home, it adds an instant element of refined luxury. One of the most gorgeous aspects of this collection is how the knurl catches the light and transforms cabinets and doors into a true statement piece. 

    The Buster & Punch Linear hardware collection includes cabinet knobs, L-bars, pull bars, and their innovatively striking Buster & Punch precious bar. All items in this line are available in burnt steel, steel, brass, gunmetal, and black finishes. While the furniture knobs, L-bars, and precious bar are all available in one standard size, the pull bars and their plates are available in small, medium, and large. 

    If you’re looking to add a look of timeless elegance to your cabinets and doors, the Linear hardware collection from Buster & Punch is perfect for you.

    Cast Hardware Collection

    Buster & Punch’s Cast collection provides an architectural design aesthetic that effortlessly combines rough cast elements with a hand-polished rare metal bar and solid metal spun screws. This distinctive collection renders a high contrast that adds a truly dynamic element of strength to any cabinet or door. 

    The Buster & Punch Cast hardware collection includes furniture knobs, pull bars, closet bars, and T-bars. All items in this line are available in steel, brass, gunmetal, and welders black finishes. Furthermore, the furniture knobs, pull bars, and closet bars are all also available in a double-sided option. The pull bars are available in small, medium, and large options, while the other items in the collection are available in one standard size. 

    If you’re looking to add an elegant yet slightly industrial touch to your cabinets and doors, the Cast hardware collection from Buster & Punch is exactly what you are looking for.

    Buster & Punch Hardware In South Florida

    From their early beginnings in East London over 20 years ago to the present, Buster & Punch Hardware has always made a statement and stuck to their roots of innovation and quality. This dedication to their craft makes it easy to understand why Buster & Punch has been the premiere hardware for some of the most notable celebrities throughout the world. No matter your design aesthetic, Buster & Punch is certain to have lighting, light switch/plates, bathroom, cabinet, and door hardware that will transform any room.

    Designer’s Mark is excited to offer a view into the world of Buster & Punch hardware with an exclusive one-of-a-kind interactive wall display. As a Buster & Punch area exclusive showcase gallery, we can work magic with exclusive pricing for qualified trade professionals. With over 25 years in the interior design industry, we understand that even the smallest detail matters when it comes to turning your vision into a reality. Luxury cabinet and door hardware take even the most simple piece of furniture and create something that is uniquely you! Whether it’s the industrial aesthetic of the Cross collection, the refined elegance of the Linear collection, or the beautifully complex nature of the Cast collection, hardware from Buster & Punch can take ordinary objects and create something extraordinary.

    Buster & Punch Hardware At Designer’s Mark

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