Indoor FurnitureBaker Furniture A Premier Manufacturer Of Luxurious Home Furnishings

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Baker Furniture A Premier Manufacturer Of Luxurious Home Furnishings

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From their humble beginnings in 1890 to their worldwide notoriety today, Baker Furniture has long been the premiere manufacturer of luxurious home furnishings. Their astute attention to authentic designs and dedication to quality continue to make them a leader in luxury furniture manufacturing.

No matter what you are looking for, Baker Furniture will surely provide timeless elegance to any home. Designer’s Mark is proud to offer their designs in our gorgeous showroom. Here, our design consultants discuss the fascinating world of Baker Furniture.

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    A Brief History Of Baker Furniture

    Baker Furniture has a long history of creating some of the most enviable designs and collaborating with many of the best-known artists around the world. Here is a brief timeline of their work:


    Siebe Baker, a Dutch immigrant, began his woodwork and door company in Allegan, MI in 1890. By 1893, they were creating furniture. During the 1920s and 1930s, Baker Furniture began to introduce more modern and art deco designs. Their highly sought-after “Twentieth Century Shop” led the way for the Modernist furniture movement throughout the United States.

    In 1925, after Siebe’s death, his son Hollis S. Baker became president of the company. Baker Furniture is also responsible for introducing one of the very first furniture reproduction programs in 1932. In 1933, they introduced the world to the Chinese modern aesthetic.


    Their globally influenced designs continued to gain popularity throughout the 1940s and 1950s. One of the most remarkable is 1949’s “Far East Collection.” This collection is widely regarded as the first truly Asian furniture collection manufactured in the United States. In 1949 they introduced their Italian neoclassic-inspired line. Interestingly, Baker Furniture’s first “Palladian Collection” was based on studying some of the most beautiful classic pieces in Italian museums. With a partnership with Finn Juhl, they introduced the first Danish modern collection available to the American market.


    In 1961, Hollis T. Baker became president of the company and continued to release several noteworthy collections. Many of these pieces were inspired by the English and French provincial styles. Along with executive desks, Baker Furniture also began delving into the world of upholstery during this time.


    During the 1980s and into today, Baker Furniture continues to prove itself as one of the leading designers in the industry. From their timeless styles to their creative collaborations, we can be assured Baker Furniture will continue to be synonymous with luxurious home furnishings.

    Incorporating Baker Furniture Into Your Home

    One of the most critical elements of Baker Furniture’s pieces is that they can seamlessly beautify any space. Some of the spaces they cover include:

    Living Space

    Our home is our castle, and we deserve to feel like royalty. Baker Furniture offers a wide array of seating, storage, table, lighting, and accessory options. Customize your experience even more by choosing fabric details such as color, type, pattern, texture, and grade.

    Bedroom Space

    A comfortable and relaxing bedroom is the key to a good night’s sleep. There are many aspects to consider when designing a bedroom. Incorporating quality bedroom pieces from Baker Furniture helps create a calming environment to escape everyday stress. They offer a wide variety of bed frames, seating, nightstands, cabinets, tables, lighting, and accessories. One of the best features of their bedroom furniture is that it can be customized to fit your aesthetic.

    Dining Space

    If you love entertaining, you should explore the gorgeous dining pieces Baker Furniture offers. From seating and tables to storage and accessories, they have options to beautify any space. Customizing your dining room not only helps to make the most of your area but also engages everyone in a warm and comfortable atmosphere.


    Home offices and studies are great. Whether you’re one of the nearly 18% of people who work from home, need a place to organize and store important documents, or just a space to get away and relax. One way to set the mood of this area is by incorporating functional, yet comfortable furniture. Baker Furniture offers gorgeous options for desks, bookshelves, and etageres, lighting, and accessories to complete your workspace.

    Finding Baker Furniture In South Florida

    With their worldwide notoriety and extensive history of excellence, owning Baker Furniture pieces may seem like a dream. It doesn’t have to be! Designer’s Mark is honored to provide South Florida homeowners the opportunity to elevate their space by offering Baker Furniture in our showroom.We invite our clients to our exquisite interior design showroom to explore your options. If you have any questions about Baker Furniture, or our other brands, or would like to speak with one of our design consultants, call us at (561)-961-4149 or stop by our showroom today!

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