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Arté Wallcoverings

Arté Wallcoverings showroom

Arte Wallcoverings are the perfect way to embellish a room. With their varying textures and designs, there is a wallcovering for every style. In a time where most people see wallpaper as peel and stick décor, Arte focuses on sophisticated design and superior quality. They have a huge variety of 70 collections with a substantial variety of patterns guaranteed to satisfy your quest for the unique and sophisticated.

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    Refined Patterns

    Arte makes these refined patterns with you, the collector in mind. You’ll have no trouble finding a pattern that is suitable for any room in your home. These timeless wallcoverings may look simple but up close, the details show the intricacies involved in the process.

    They fill these designs with organic beauty, from the style to the colors. The patterns are derivatives of textures and patterns found in nature. The lines in the designs aren’t clean by design. Instead, after you install the wallcovering, it will look like it has naturally formed on your wall.

    Bright and tiring prints are not present in their collections, instead their designs are subtle so they can enhance the rest of the décor in the paper. Suitably crafted to draw attention, these collections are not made for the faint at heart.

    Exquisite Pattern

    The refined patterns are definitely show-stopping designs invoking a need to appreciate it like fine wine or a classic painting, with much to converse about. 

    There are two distinct sections in these patterns. In one, the designer layered these styles, starting with a neutral and textured background. Then, they put a daring or large design on top. In the other, they play with different textures on unconventional color palates.

    When you’re looking for an exciting accent wallcovering, you will need to consider all of the large floral patterns in this section. Some of them are so realistic it appears as if they give off a scented aroma.

    Couture Patterns

    The couture patterns are just as bold as the exquisite section but in a much different way. They have a much less natural or floral feel about them. These patterns are more geometrical and surreal. They also feel much more structured than the refined patterns.

    The couture styles can seem very niche, but you may fall in love if you imagine them in your space. This pattern collection holds some of the most textured and unique wallcoverings Arte has to offer. Some of them look like they’re literally jumping off the wall

    Calling these patterns couture was no accident. They will take your home ten years into the future with minimal effort on your part. Think of them as high fashion for your home. Everyone who has the honor of seeing your home’s interior will ask about your Arte Wallcoverings.

    Contract Vinyl Patterns

    The contract vinyl patterns are where the devil really shows up in the details. Most of the designs are a singular color or monochrome, but none of the options could ever be considered boring. A closer look will show you that each prospect has a unique texture.

    Some look like wood, and others will give the illusion that you turned a piece of fabric into a wallcovering. More exciting options look like mosaic glass or artistic leather. You’ll be amazed at how these wallcoverings can transform your home.

    These styles are ideal for the decorator who is tired of dull, flat paint but doesn’t want to take the focus away from their beautiful home décor and furniture. They’re perfect for gallery walls, living areas, or any room in your home that requires an upgrade.

    Arte Wallcoverings In Boca Raton

    The Desart family has been designing and manufacturing Arte Wallcoverings since 1981. It’s been over 30 years, and they continue to push the envelope of interior design with their patterns. When it’s time to elevate your space, these wallcoverings should be under your consideration. Ready to make your mark? Call Designer’s Mark today at (561) 961-4149; or stop by our Boca Raton interior design showroom where we proudly showcase extensive Arte wallcovering collections.

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