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Ambella Home Collection

Ambella Home furniture showroom

Ambella Home Collection has been bringing elegant and quality-focused furniture into the market since 1995, with a consistent focus on form, function, and making sure your furnishings stand the test of time. It’s this dedication to quality that stands out at every step of the design process— from the inception of an idea, through the material choice, all the way to the finishing touches.

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    Sophisticated Quality: Ambella Home Collection

    There’s something special about Ambella Home Collection’s signature style. Pieces blend the past and present seamlessly to create furniture that feels timeless, sophisticated, and innovative at the same time. Whether it’s art deco inspired geometry or ornately paneled wood, each piece commits to its theme and stands as a work of art.

    Customizable Finishes

    Adding the right finish to a piece of furniture for your home is essential. While the color of the legs of a sofa may not seem important at first, the blend or contrast can pull together a room. It’s the difference between a furnishing and a statement piece of furniture— the one is personalized to your style.

    At Ambella Home Collection, select furnishings have upwards of 20 different customizable wood finishes, not to mention their Custom Fabric Program for seating. These wood finishes set Ambella Home apart, each order being finished by hand with the utmost precision and care. With the Custom Finish Program, you can find the color pop that works for your home’s style and color scheme. You can choose from a wide range of block, distressed, glazed, and antique finishes, with something for every style on offer.

    Profiles Collection

    If none of Ambella’s standard designs catch your eye, the Profiles Collection puts the design process into your hands. Using their six-step process, you can create the upholstery that’s going to fit perfectly into your home. Choose the seat depth, arm style, seat size and type, foot style, and back type, and make the piece that’ll bring your home to life.

    You can use this process for everything from an ottoman up to a full-length sofa, and you have full creative control over the leg type and finishes you want. For the homeowner with discerning taste and a solid vision of their style, the Profiles Collection can bring that much needed personality into your home.

    Sink Chests by Ambella

    Ambella Home Collection introduced the Sink Chest, a wooden chest with a mounted sink on the top. Fully capable of attaching to plumbing, the Sink Chest is a bathroom staple for both storage utility and style. From smaller single-sink designs to double sink chests, these pieces feel timeless and clean, adding elegance to your home design.

    We love the Woodbury Grand Sink Chest, with sleek statuario marble tops and a warm gray finish. Stainless steel details and legs make this built to last in a bathroom, with four working drawers and an additional three shelves for extra storage.

    Ambella Home Collection at Designer’s Mark

    If you’re looking for quality and sophistication, Ambella Home Collection offers designs that inspire and show your personal style. Our Boca Raton showroom experts can help you find the piece that’s perfect for your home, or help you create it through one of Ambella’s custom design programs. Revitalize your home with Designer’s Mark and Ambella’s Home Collection and bring life into your style.

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