Modern Furniture Trends For 2023

modern furniture

It’s a new year, and that means new modern furniture trends. Modern furniture changes as people change, and over time, you may notice that areas of your home need revitalization. Making small but impactful changes to your home’s style can boost your productivity, creativity, and the relaxing atmosphere of your home.

Going into the new year, we’re starting to see new collections and inspirational creations from some of our favorite interior designers. Here’s how we think you can embrace the new modern furniture offerings in 2023.

Defining Modern Furniture

Modern furniture’s evolution has been rapid, constantly pulling from global inspirations and an environment-first perspective. There’s a focus on practicality and simple design, leaving behind unnecessary ornamentation in favor of a simple and clean overall look. In particular, the modern furniture movement pulls inspiration from Asia and Africa. These inspirations are used for a natural-focused image, with natural materials like wood and metal at the forefront of modern design.

Nevertheless, modern furniture is still a broad style. Whether your style inspiration falls more on the minimalist side or the fusion Japandi design style, modern furnishings can be a design chameleon. So, what’s the stand-out trends for 2023? Here’s what we’re loving with modern design this year.

2023: The New In

First, we need to cover the all-important reminder: make trends work for you, not the other way around! Just because something is in, it doesn’t mean it suits your style or your home. However, trends and new collections can inspire home redesigns and clarify your design vision— and you might find that perfect piece you didn’t know you were looking for.

Geometric Designs

2023 is all about a return to nature and the basics. Geometric shapes and textures that draw inspiration from nature will see a rise this year. With a drop in maximalism-inspired spaces, you’ll find designers adding subtle depth and texture through geometric patterns. Whether this is through metallic sculpture or a wallpaper accent, geometric designs can add modern style with ease.

Smart Lighting

Functionality is a core concept for modern furniture design. While smart lighting has been around for a while, it’s going to have its spotlight in 2023. Your home’s lighting should cover the bases of both form and function— you want light that serves the space, but also for those lighting fixtures to fit into your home aesthetic. This could mean minimal and recessed lighting or stand-out designs that enhance your space’s style. We continue along the trend of warm lighting, making home spaces cozy and inviting.

Color Scheme Choice

Next to warm lighting, we’re also seeing a further push away from cold neutrals. Warmer and darker tones are becoming more prominent, intent on creating a home atmosphere that’s truly comforting. There’s also a shift from light wood tones to dark wood tones, a perfect complement for warmer lighting and furnishing colors.


Sustainability has never been more important in furniture design. There’s a prominent shift away from fast furniture towards sustainably made pieces that will stand the test of time. A wide range of American luxury furniture designers is sustainability-focused, giving you the option of buying and supporting local.

Modern Furniture in Boca Raton

At Designer’s Mark, we’re proud to partner with the best in modern furniture design. Our showroom is a haven of inspiration, and we can’t wait to see where your 2023 design journey takes you. Give us a call today at 561-961-4149 to schedule an appointment at our Boca Raton Interior Design Showroom.

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