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Assouline is a luxury library brand, renowned for their ‘miniature museum’ books. This brand has revolutionized the book publishing process by approaching it with a stylish eclecticism that celebrates the luxury of a well-made book that can easily fit within your home décor.

There is an Assouline book for every interior design style, and with them you can travel the world from the comfort of your home.

Where Did Assouline Begin?

The founders of the brand, Prosper and Martine Assouline, set a goal to be the first brand on luxury culture. The foundation of Assouline is the desire to build personalized, contemporary libraries using complete book collections, scented candles, slipcases and more.

As the world has moved further into the digital age, Assouline holds on to the importance of books as sources of beauty, and in telling stories of the past and present.

“For us, books are a matter of intellect and emotion, of heritage and innovation. Because information is not only about today, and the past is a sensational source of inspiration.”

The Assouline Vision

The worlds of luxury fashion and design have become entirely dependent on the illustrated market. Assouline created high-quality books and decor objects with easily recognizable graphic identity and editorial style, which fed directly into this dependence on illustrations.

The brand’s vision was to “address new themes in a contemporary manner,” pioneering the shift towards books that are there to be displayed as much as they are to be read. They have enlivened the illustrated book market with modernity, luxury and vibrant culture, turning the market into an invaluable tool for all luxury brands.

The brand needed a tangible product to illustrate what they stood for, especially following the increase in digital media in recent years. Assouline proudly displays brand’s heritage, style, and creations – bringing to life the visions of hundreds of creators across the globe.

Using Assouline In Your Home Décor

Whether you simply enjoy when your home feels luxurious, if are inviting friends over, or staging your home to sell, Assouline books and decor can add personality and vibrancy to any room.

Coffee Table Reading

The easiest way to show off your interests is to display high-quality books which explore your passions in great detail. Book stacks make great conversation pieces, whether on a coffee table, side table, bookshelf, or TV stand.

Because Assouline books were created to be shown off, you can be sure you will find a cover design that compliments the mood of your home and adds tons of personality to any space.

You can display Assouline’s books using their custom bookstand. This stand comes in clear acrylic, black, or red, and features an engraved Assouline A logo on both panels.

Deciding Which Books To Get

Assouline’s books all consist of beautifully curated images and vivid depictions of the subject’s history – so choosing which to purchase is not a manner of quality. Instead, the choice gives you a chance to have your interests on display in your home.

Which passions are you going to have on show?

The Impossible Collection Of…

Every book in this collection celebrates the subject manner by fully exploring its history, origins, and inspiration. These signal a new level of sophistication for connoisseurs. Some features include:

  • Hand-bound using traditional techniques
  • Hand-tipped color plates
  • Linen clamshell presentation case
  • 150-500 pages
  • 100-400 illustrations
  • Complimentary white gloves and tote bag with some purchases

This collection is made up of hundreds of collections – including wine, Bentleys, art, watches, design, fashion, and more. If you can think about it, Assouline has curated a collection devoted to it.

For Those With A Passion For Fashion

Whether it’s fashion haute couture’, street fashion or simply the naked form, Assouline has the fashion books for you.

Choose from Dior, Chanel, Elie Saab, Barbie, Valentino, or The Impossible Collection Of Fashion.

In The Spirit Of…

These collections focus on iconic destinations across the globe, including Venice, the Hamptons, Capri, St. Barths, Monte Carlo, Gstaad, and Las Vegas.

Features include:

  • Around 160 pages
  • Over 100 illustrations
  • Hardcover with jacket

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