Incorporating Color Into Your Interior Design

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Deciding on the interior design of your home can be a challenging task to get right – especially since there are so many choices; it can certainly be overwhelming. But designing the style of your home doesn’t need to be a burden when there are people with the expertise to help make it an enjoyable experience for you. From furniture to décor to choosing your color scheme, our design experts at Designer’s Mark can help with your interior design needs every step of the way.

According to interior design experts, colors can evoke certain emotions and truly impact the way you feel when you’re at home. Since we’re all spending more time at home, it’s important to ask yourself: how does the interior design of your home make you feel?

Incorporating color into your interior design can be a tad terrifying if you don’t know what you’re doing but it can be a crucial element in making your house feel like a home. Our design experts are here to make this process easier for you and have put together some creative tips for incorporating color into your interior design.

Tips On How To Incorporate Color Into Your Interior Design

Using pops of color in your home is a great way to express yourself and show the world who you are and what you love. If you want to make sure your color choices are still tasteful without bordering on boring, then these tips are for you.

1. Choose A Colorful Rug

If you want to incorporate a bold color into a particular room in your home or walkway then it’s always a good idea to go wild with your décor. Consider choosing a colorful and patterned rug to add some excitement and interest into your home. At Designer’s Mark you can choose from a variety of exclusive custom rug designers, bringing a sense of luxury and style into the design of your home.

2. Go Bold With Wallpaper

Decorating your home office or kids’ room with a patterned wallpaper is the perfect way to bring some excitement into your home décor without risking too much. Turn your home office into a sanctuary with a Carl Robinson wallpaper that embodies dreams and beauty, or choose a tasteful wallpaper with pink and purple butterflies by Anna French for your daughter’s room.

3. Incorporate Statement Lighting

An unexpected yet delightful way to incorporate color into your home decor is through statement lighting. Consider a colorful pendant light to bring dimension to your kitchen, or a bold chandelier for your entrance hall. Lighting and color can impact your mood and since we’re all spending more time at home, getting the lighting right is key to creating a comfortable and enjoyable space.

4. Choose Bright Decor Accessories

Using accessories to brighten up the space in your home can be extremely impactful, without the commitment. Using home décor accessories to get creative is a great way to reflect your personal style and is a safe space to have fun with colors as you can easily change things up whenever you need to. Designer’s Mark carries a broad range of accessory designers like Global Views and SkLO, that can add a bold statement to an otherwise neutral space.

5. Feature Bold Scatter Cushions

Scatter cushions are the perfect accessory to add color to your bedroom or living room, without compromising the overall theme of your home. Even if your living room is mostly neutral colors like gray and cream, you can incorporate bold or patterned scatter cushions to liven up your space. Designer’s Mark features a range of beautiful custom fabrics to make custom cushions to suit your interior design needs.

Get Colorful With Designer’s Mark

If you’re wanting to improve the overall look and feel of your home, or you’re in need of a complete color overhaul, then our interior design experts at Designer’s Mark can save the day. Since the design of your home can have such a big impact on our day to day emotions, it’s important to have an experienced designer help you make the best color choices for your space, without compromising on your own personal taste. Give one of our design experts a call at (561) 961-4149 or visit our Boca Raton showroom for inspiration today.

Incorporating Color Into Your Interior Design Infographic

Incorporating Color Into Your Interior Design infographic

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