Illuminate Your Interior Design With Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley Lighting continuously delivers fixtures that embody timeless luxury and their principles of design. We’re here to take a look at some spotlight entries from their new collections, and see how you can be inspired by HVL’s designer-focused works of art.

Innovative and Inspiring: The Hudson Valley Lighting Design

When HVL began introducing designs to the public, they aimed for pieces that felt innovative, exciting, and had the ability to truly enhance your space. They design by merging old and new influences and inspirations and have done this consistently since their inception. This design philosophy produces fixtures that can stand the test of time aesthetically and are crafted with quality and longevity in mind.

Their wide range of collections and entries allow you to choose something that truly inspires you, no matter the design influence. They also have collections by Mitzi by HVL, Corbett Lighting, and Troy Lighting, segments that each focus on a different atmosphere and design style.

Designer Spotlight: New In From Hudson Valley Lighting

Ready to be inspired? We’ve chosen some of our favorite new entries from Hudson Valley Lighting that we feel work perfectly for a wide range of styles.

Jupiter Pendant

Simplicity meets luxury with the Jupiter pendant. The frame is made from aged brass with white stretch fabric pulled over it, creating the impression of a planet. The canopy it hangs from is ringed, drawing the eye even without being lit. It’s available in two sizes, perfect for dining or living areas where soft light is needed.

Piton Table Lamp

The Piton table lamp is the perfect mix of modern and mid-century, the conical design of the lampshade paired with the aged brass finish suiting well to a desk or office space. The aged brass base, stem, and inside of the shade contrast dramatically with the black or white finish available for the accent pieces. Clean and modern, this would find its home in a wide variety of home design styles.

Cali Wall Sconce

Cali is designed around the geometric and adds a pop of style and innovation to any space. The exposed bulb is circled by a loop of metal, available in aged brass or old bronze. They’re accented by pull chains instead of switches, making this an eye-catching and practical bedroom light. This re-imagined simplicity is a signature of Hudson Valley Lighting, and it never ceases to inspire.

Ariel Pendant

The Ariel range is on the industrial side, with exposed bulbs and elements attached to open metal framed and clear glass shades. For this reason, we adore this collection paired with exposed brick and modern interiors. The Ariel pendant features three prongs, two with exposed bulbs and glass shades. It’s available in aged brass, soft black, and polished nickel, as well as redesigned as a chandelier, wall sconce, and linear light.

Luxury Lighting in Boca Raton

The importance of lighting in your home design cannot be understated. Finding the balance between centerpiece lighting, functional lighting, and ambient lighting is what creates the atmosphere of your home.

If you’re not sure where to start, the design experts at Designer’s Mark are ready to perfect your home’s lighting system. Visit our Boca Raton Interior Design Showroom to see Hudson Valley Lighting’s creations up close, and get inspired to create a space that feels like you.

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