How To Design The Perfect Home With Modern Furniture

modern furniture

Modern furniture is clean, sophisticated, and always delivers simple elegance. There’s a focus on sustainability and inspiration by art, heavily utilizing contrasting materials such as metal and wood with a neutral overall look.

Modern furniture is continuously evolving, but there are base influences and trends that have stuck with the design style for some time. Creating a home using modern furniture can open your space and make it feel fresh and inspired, and we’re here to help you create that vision.

The Basics of Modern Furniture

Modern furniture, at its core, focuses on functionality. While you’ll find interesting materials and geometric influences, the bells and whistles often seen in some furnishings are left out. This streamlines the style, creating spaces that feel clean and simple, although always elevated. Clean lines, a balance shift toward minimalism, and wood and metal accents characterize modern furniture. However, there’s a great breadth of variety within the trend.

The modern furniture of today is heavily influenced by African and Asian inspirations. The Asian elements draw on simple and practical design, while the African influence imparts the use of natural materials and neutral finishes that feel relaxing.

Comfort and practicality go hand in hand, making a space that is as comfortable to live in as it is aesthetically pleasing. After all, your home is the place where you can unwind and relax. Modern furniture design leans towards highlighting artwork, accessories, and statement fixtures rather than creating a room that feels busy.

Finding Your Focal Point

You need something in your home that inspires you. Modern furniture is often built low with clean lines and simple structures, allowing for a spotlight where you want to place it. Wall art meshes with the modern design style wonderfully. The match of eye-height artwork and low furniture adds levels and dimensions to a room’s design, creating visual interest.

Without a specific focal point in mind, you can add dimension with color. While this style favors the neutral tones that match wood and metal, bursts of color can add sophistication. We’re lovers of adding some deep green into your living space, allowing your furnishings to have that added natural feel, along with being a complement to your indoor plants. There are ways to be bold through simplicity, and the modern design style embodies this perfectly.

Design Tips

When piecing together a modern interior, there are a few things that you should remember. By keeping these few tips in mind during your design process, you can ensure your style stays consistent.

  • Accessorize for function. The nexus of form and function plays a very important role in the modern style. Instead of choosing home accessories that are purely aesthetic, find functional home accessories that elevate your style while retaining practical use.
  • Use color wisely. Colors trend towards neutral in modern homes but making smart use of metal and wood accents and finishes can add that extra something special. Metallic tones and deciding between different wood finishes can make or break your space.
  • Choose your focal points with purpose. Your focal points are the stars of the show, so choose them wisely. Find the art that inspires you, the hanging pendant that ignites creativity, and the workspace accents that promote productivity.

Modern Furniture at Designer’s Mark, Boca Raton

Seeing is being inspired, and there’s no better place to see modern furniture up close than at the Designer’s Mark interior design showroom in Boca Raton. We have several pieces on display and a specialized home accessory service to help you fill out your home. With decades in the industry, we can’t wait to see your home vision realized.

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