Home Staging

Did you know that a staged home sells for an average of 17% more than a home that isn’t staged? Not only that, according to Forbes real estate experts, 95% of homes that are staged sell in 11 days – or less.

Home design is essential in helping to reflect a family’s personality in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. However, one individual’s taste is not always going to appeal to the masses. Universally appealing to potential buyers is especially true when it comes to selling a home.

One proven-successful way to find the right home buyer is to have the home professionally staged. Designer’s Mark provides home staging that is both on-trend and customizable to please even the most perceptive buyer.

Why You Should Stage A Home You’re Trying To Sell

No matter the listing price of a home, it is essential to convey the home’s story in a way that allows the potential buyer to believe they could live there effortlessly. Not only are you selling a home, you are also selling a vision and a lifestyle.

Below are the reasons our experts say you should stage a home you’re trying to sell.

  • Increases The Selling Rate
    The main goal of staging a home is for it to sell it as quickly as possible. When the home reflects a modern, chic living space and not just an empty house, people will be more eager to make an offer.
  • Makes The First Impression
    When a possible buyer walks into a home, there is a myriad of details they note. These observations are not universal, though. By staging a home that provides a great first impression, home buyers are more able to visualize themselves living comfortably in the house.
  • Creates An Online Presence
    Many who are in the market to buy a home do ample amounts of online searching before actually touring it. Staging a home allows it to stand out from all the other houses they see online. This is especially true for those who are looking to relocate to a home in South Florida.
  • Starts The Packing Process Earlier
    Professionally staging a home requires removing all personal belongings for potential buyers to better see themselves living in the space. This allows the seller to put off procrastination and get a head start on packing.
  • Validates The Selling Price
    Potential buyers want to believe that there is room for negotiation in the asking price of a home. Staging a home takes the focus off a seller’s current furnishings and makes the home look move-in ready instead of in need of repairs and updates.
  • Utilizes The Space
    Clutter easily accumulates in homes over the years, whether it is a coat closet in slight disarray or an overflowing magazine basket. Staging a home removes that clutter and allows potential buyers to better see how they will be able to utilize the space themselves.
  • A Step Above The Competition
    Florida has many homes on the market, but often there are not enough buyers. Not only does this mean a home can take longer to sell, but it also usually means dropping the asking price to sell. Staging a home puts you above the competition by providing a vision that stays with potential buyers.

Professional Staging vs. DIY

Selling a home requires a lot of effort for all parties involved. DIY home staging only adds to that work as it requires hours of planning, designing, buying, and placing. Professional staging removes that hassle from the seller and provides a more universally appealing design for the home.

Our experts at Designer’s Mark have over 25 years of professional design experience, which guarantees your home will be perfectly styled for potential buyers.


All homes and neighborhoods are different, and that is why Designer’s Mark believes it is essential to reflect that in the home staging process. A trendy apartment in Pineapple Grove is not going to attract the same potential buyers as a sprawling estate in Le Lac. While staging a home increases the likelihood of a quick sale, customizing the house with staging, in a way that is current and trendy utilizing and maximizing the characteristics of the property, reflective of what the majority of prospective buyers are looking for.

Professional Home Staging In Boca Raton

Staging is not just about making a home more appealing to potential buyers; it also allows them to create a vision of their future inside their new home. If you are ready to see how Designer’s Mark can transform your space before putting it on the market, call us today at (561) 961-4149.