Guide To Finding And Hiring An Interior Designer


Many homeowners struggle to design a good-looking space that is cohesive and comfortable, and yet is also functional. They will purchase several items to try and “fix” the issue, culminating with cluttered interior.

Are there rooms in your home that frustrate you and cannot bear to look at? It might be time to hire an expert in their field such as an interior designer.  In this article we share tips on how to find an interior designer whose style you love.

Know What You Need A Interior Designer For

It’s good to start your search with a solid understanding of what you’re looking for. Take these four steps to identify what areas need to change and why, prioritize each problem area, set the scale of the work, and set your budget.

1) Identify Pain Points

Take a slow walk through your home and identify any pain points. A pain point is a concept typically used in marketing to describe recurring issues that customers face. In this case, a pain point refers to any room, area, or item that frequently frustrates or inconveniences you.

Maybe your kitchen lighting needs some work. Or perhaps your living room layout feels clunky and dysfunctional.

Compile a master list of pain points that you’d like an interior designer to resolve for you.

2) Organize And Prioritize

If your list feels overwhelming, divide the pain points into levels of urgency. A low-priority pain point would be an item that annoys you once every few months. A high-urgency pain point would be anything that grinds your life to a halt.

3) Set The Scale

You’ll now be able to gauge the scale of the work you need to be done. Maybe your bathroom could do with a complete remodel, but your kitchen only needs a few organizational solutions.

4) Set The Budget

Set a budget by deciding what you’re able or willing to spend on each area. This is important to know because some interior designers do not work on projects below a certain budget. Know your budget. Very often you will find that it may not meet your expectations. Knowledge and experience have a price, for the designer, years of training and a fair share of trial-and-error occurrences. For the client long lasting quality design and product has a premium.

Know Where to Find An Interior Designer

Now it’s time to start researching. Here are some ways to find a local interior designer:

Google Searches

A great place to start finding local interior designers is to Google search interior designers. Scroll through their online portfolios and see if their style resonates with you. If you find a few designers that look promising, check their online reviews to see what customers are saying about their service.

Local Home Shows

If Google fails you, visit model homes or local designer home shows. If you see a home styled in a way you like, you can ask for the name of the interior designer and get in contact that way.

Word-of-mouth Recommendations

Ask friends and family that live nearby if they’ve worked with an interior designer they loved. It’s also a good idea to find out whether they’ve worked with any interior designers they didn’t like. That way, you’ll know to steer clear of their services.

You can also ask any contractors that have worked on your home or realtors that you have used in the past if they’ve dealt with a good interior designer. This can be helpful because they’ll have a working relationship to build on to.

Before You Hire An Interior Designer

When you’ve narrowed it down to a potential two or three designers, there are important steps to take before hiring your favorite one.

  • Chat through your design needs, priorities, and expected scale of the project.
  • Talk through your budget and explain what you’re willing to spend in each section of your home.
  • Chat about their design process and evaluate whether it aligns with what you’re looking for.
  • Ask about your level of involvement. Will they let you be hands-on throughout the project? Or do they work alone and surprise you with the result?
  • Ask about their fee structure. Do they charge a flat rate, by the hour, or a combination of the two?
  • Check their credentials and qualifications.
  • Look through their reviews and portfolio one last time.

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