Find New Inspiration With Four Hands Furniture


Four Hands furniture takes creativity and curiosity and creates innovation. Their furnishing range is comprehensive, covering everything from wall art to outdoor furniture, and all are consistent in the classic Four Hands style.

We’re taking a dive into their inspirations and creative process, and how these contribute to the furnishings they have on offer.  Discover Four Hands’ style and how it can elevate your space.

The Roots of Four Hands Furniture

From a flip through their catalogs, it’s clear to see that Four Hands furniture draws on natural inspirations. Natural textures abound, such as wood, neutral textiles, and metallic and textured accents. They list Southeast Asia as a particular point and source of inspiration and extend this theme to other cities and villages from around the world. Moreover, they never stop searching for the next dash of creativity.

With each new design season, it’s clearer and clearer that they don’t rest on the inspiration they have. Like our homes, they constantly look for new sources of styles, materials, and unique atmospheres. 

Their furnishings are elevated with a sense of comfort— options that are meant to be lived in and used in your home. This extends across their new collections, with function easily on par with aesthetics. By using natural materials and finishes, they also create “chameleon” design pieces that can work in a wide range of design styles with cohesive styling.

Four Hands makes use of a collaborative design approach, with the design process culminating in you, the homeowner. Just as the talented team at Four Hands experiments and creates, how you choose to transform your space with their furnishings involves you in their creative process. They design with intent, to create furnishings that find the nexus between classic and timeless and fresh and innovative. At their core, they embody what luxury furniture stands for.

Sustainability and Versatility with Four Hands Fiqa

In recent years, the shift towards sustainability-focused furniture and home goods has been profound. Now more than ever, it is time to put the spotlight on brands that are driven by sustainability and keep their dedication to craftsmanship intact. Fiqa, a family-run company, has introduced the first performance fabric of its kind, made entirely eco-friendly and available through Four Hands.

Four Hands brings this incredibly versatile fabric to life through its designs, creating pieces that not only have aesthetic value but also stand the test of time. Fiqa performance fabric is easy to clean, stain-resistant, water-repellent, antimicrobial, and highly versatile. It is UV-resistant and pet friendly, making this fabric suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This feature allows for a cohesive link between your interior and exterior spaces, a design element that is key to enhancing your space.

Sustainability is about more than just in-house production. Fiqa’s labels confirm that the supply chain is managed sustainably throughout, including the chemical level. The fabric is dyed by solution dyeing, culminating in a richer color depth that doesn’t fade like others on the market. And, no matter what, comfort is never compromised in the final product.

Four Hands Furniture at Designer’s Mark

Four Hands furniture believes in always searching for that little something extra, and at Designer’s Mark we believe the same. Book an exclusive one-on-one consultation with one of our design consultants, and see what Four Hands furnishings can add to your space.

We know that inspiration comes from many places, and our Boca Raton showroom is an ever-evolving place for those special light “ah-ha” moments.

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