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A Designer’s Spotlight on Romo, the iconic British design house of fine luxury fabrics, textiles and custom wallcoverings.

Founded in 1902 by Robert Mould; today Romo is a fifth-generation and family-owned business. Romo is the flagship brand of The Romo Group based in Nottingham, UK with distribution in the EU, U.S. and Latin American markets. The Romo portfolio of luxe boutique brands includes Omexco, kirbydesign, and Black Edition, all of which are also available at Designer’s Mark.

From Mould’s beginnings in furniture manufacturing, by the 1930s Romo had become an upholstery wholesaler. Eventually Romo scaled back on upholstery manufacturing to focus on the creation of custom fabrics, textiles, and wallcoverings. By the 1980s the company established its Nottingham in-house design studio. Today, Romo is famous for its fine, plain-weave fabrics. Plain is a weave pattern where the weft (horizontal) thread alternates over and under warp (vertical) threads. This type of weave creates durable, gently textured fabrics and textiles suitable for luxury and custom furnishings.

Romo is well known in the industry; for its extensive archive of fabrics, color systems, and versatile plains. Led by Romo’s Artistic Director, Emily Mould, Romo’s Nottingham studio is a wonderland of color swatches and inspiration that Romo designers share for their love of art, fashion, and travel. All original Romo designs are created in-house by hand, from custom colors to innovative weave design. All before going to Romo’s expert weavers and printers for production.

New Collections

For 2020, Romo has launched the Sarouk Collection, inspired by Art Deco palm fronds, clean geometric patterns, and bamboo motifs. The Sarouk color palette includes warm ochre, dusty pink, cool blue, and green. Made from Romo’s signature Dune brushed cotton, the Sarouk fabrics have a soft handle for draping or upholstery application.

The Etsu Collection is simple with elegant design. The style range includes luxe metallics, fine textures, and embossing for added depth. Each Etsu color palette is on the soft pastel spectrum from the distressed texture of Koutu to the subtle shimmer of Nyiri.

The popular Dune Collection is based on the concept of living in color. This collection is Made from washable, brushed cotton plain. Dune comes in an assortment of contemporary color tones across the spectrum.

Prints and Weaves

The Okari Collection explores the ethereal and romantic in decorative sheer and semi-sheer natural linens designed to induce tranquil elegance. Designed with striping and delicate foliage motifs with hints of metallic shimmer, Okari styles are perfect for a master or en-suite spa.

Next up, for outdoor furnishings, Romo created Mokolo. Made from durable and weather resistant fabric, Mokolo comes in a variety of textures and colors. All bring playful yet sophisticated style to your outdoor furnishing.

The Habanera Collection is made from colorful, durable and fire retardant upholstery weaves and velvets; making for a bold and modern statement. Habanera design was inspired by intricate fretwork – interlocked chevrons and cut and uncut velvets create a striking geometric pattern. The Habanera color palette includes deep reds, teal, and copper in addition to modern neutrals.

Lastly, for the classic modernist consider the Orton Collection. Made from a linen, cotton, and viscose blend, Orton fabrics have small geometric patterns and subtle striping reminiscent of the 1930s St. Regency Hotel. Orton decorative weaves come in a range of tailored, classic designs and timeless colors in addition to cool, modern neutrals.


First, the Etsu Collection is an understated line of semi-plain wall coverings in a luxurious compendium of styles. The intricate weave has subtle hints of metallic, fine textures; embossing in a beautiful selection of soft and contemporary color tones.

The Japura Collection is the perfect compliment to South Florida living. Inspired by tropical foliage and finished in matte, pearl, or metallic for added extravagant depth and luminosity. Japura comes from a blend of silk jacquard, velvet, and soft chenille. It has touches of embroidery; making Japura a truly opulent expression of modern luxury.

Finally, the Floris Collection veers into the romantic with delicate cherry blossom floral and geometric patterns printed on professional vinyl. Finished with metallic shimmer and subtle embossing, Floris wallcoverings coordinate with Floris decorative weaves and Lorcan printed linara.

Versatile Plains

The Leoni Collection combines texture, color, and sophisticated simplicity. Made from a stain resistant and fine linen blend plain; Leoni is offered in a variety of on-trend neutrals and modern pastel color tones.

Next, in the textured plain category, Romo offers the Ruskin Collection. An upholstery fabric blend of viscose, linen, and wool that provides both graceful movement and tactile appeal. Ruskin comes in a variety of colors; all are mixed and matched.

Lastly, the best-selling Linara Collection; comes from washable cotton-linen union. It’s available in a 360 color palette, Linara allows for unlimited freedom of expression and individual style. Linara is a designer favorite for its durability, simplicity, and versatility.

Designer Fabrics in Boca Raton

Romo’s exquisite fine fabrics, decorative weaves and plains and wall coverings are available to designers and architects in the trades and hospitality. Do you want to collaborate with Designer’s Mark? Contact our interior design team. We’re proud to offer the complete Romo portfolio and its boutique brands to our residential and hospitality clients. Cheers!

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