Designer Spotlight: PIANCA Furniture

PIANCA Furniture

A Designer’s Spotlight on PIANCA furniture, the legendary house of custom modular systems and home furnishings. PIANCA began in the Treviso province of Italy as makers of fine handmade cabinetry and woodwork. Today they are famous for their industrial modular systems based on a philosophy of artisanal precision, minimalist elegance, and functionality designed to improve the quality of our lives.

Established in 1954 in Gaiarine, Treviso by Enrico Pianca, PIANCA began as a maker of custom cabinetry and woodwork in the tradition Enrico learned from his father. As the company expanded, PIANCA joined the Salone del Mobile (Furniture Fair) in 1961 and has not missed a fair in over 50 years. In 1970 PIANCA introduced the application of chipboard in its furniture design, making unique PIANCA pieces more accessible to the European market. PIANCA has since become the first European manufacturer to replace solvent-based with water-based varnishes in its furniture production. All PIANCA woods come from FSC-certified, sustainable woodlands.

Day Systems (Sistemi Giorno)

From Day Systems we’ll begin with Cabinets and Bookcases. The innovative design team at PIANCA created this collection crafted for modularity and a linear aesthetic. The PIANCA design philosophy is that furniture and systems should be flawless in construction yet also elegant and functional.

First, from the People Collection are modular bookcases systems; constructed of a mitre-folding structure cut at a 45°angle. Mitre-folding is a fabrication technique. Grooves are cut so that each piece is folded or inter-connected to one another. The systems are wall-mounted with custom backlighting and finish detail. They combine seamlessly to create a linear, floating design. In the pursuit of minimalism, People systems have no handles. Spacers are engineered from wood-paneled strips. Last, they are inserted horizontally between stacked and varnished modules. These elements combine to serve as both functional and decorative, allowing wall-unit doors to open with ease.

The people bookcases come with a variety of custom backlighting, textured finishes, and water-based lacquers. All People systems are customizable to scale, feature, and finish.

Next, another modular bookcase system is the Spazioteca. Named for the concept of combining doors and compartments similar to the PIANCA Spazio system. The suffix –teca comes from Latin, meaning a library or gallery for the arrangement and collection of books and found objects. The Spazioteca system is hole- and hardware-free allowing for strong, linear lines within open and closed spaces. Designed to be a synergy of order, rhythm, and proportion, Spazioteca is a multi-functional bookcase with space for a flat screen at the middle-center or below. It operates as a partition for office or lounge space; its components are custom, in a variety of finishes.

Night Systems (Sistemi Notte)

PIANCA Night Systems are available in two categories: custom-made Wardrobe and Walk-In Closets with module options and custom finishes. The Nastro wardrobe comes configured from the external-drawer unit module; bridging module or above-door unit customized within the framework of each. The aluminum handles come finished in lacquer or metal. The Nastro door-opening options include hinged, sliding, or flush.

The Anteprima walk-in closet includes custom embedded track lighting. It’s configured in various ways to suit even the most discernible need and aesthetic. Custom drawer modules are added, vertical or horizontal shoe racks and garment hangers, in addition to other modular elements such as floating cubes. The Anteprima concept is based on the ideas of fluid and functional arrangement.


Designer Cristina Celestino worked in collaboration with PIANCA to create the Calatea collection. Exploring the out-of-scale proportions that exist in nature and a simple, leaf motif makes for a captivating interpretation of organic form. The Calatea centerpiece is the Clatea armchair, named for the native South American plant. Featured in Interior Magazine and Gael Maison, the Clatea has an elegant interplay between its ergonomic seating and vivid color palette. It is an ideal piece and unique collection for South Florida living.

Designed by Philippe Tibet, the Fushimi collection takes its name from the Fushimi Inari Temple in Kyoto, Japan. Each piece of finely milled solid ash wood is dedicated to structure and seamless lines without sharp edges. Fushimi also includes benches and consoles, customized in fabric and finish. A Fushimi furnished room becomes like a retreat, a meditation on beauty and the lightness of being.

Day Collection

Also designed by Phillippe Tabet and linked to the similar design principles of the Fushimi collection, Pianca offers the Inari Collection of tables and finely upholstered seating. Form and style are the focus of Inari with rounded edges and the absence of sharp lines at the joints. Table tops come customized with a variety of wood stains, marble, lacquered or marbled glass. The base structure, finished in matte lacquer or wood stain.

The Ginevra collection of sideboards and cabinets are like stand-alone works of minimalist art. Fixtures hide behind thinly fabricated doors slightly protruding from the frame for ease of opening. A functional cabinet or storage console becomes a beautiful centerpiece that enhances any living space. The negative space around the placement of a Ginevra also creates an interplay with its line and minimalist structure.

Night Collection

The Night Collection comes grouped into subcategories; beds, boiserie (paneled bedroom systems, custom upholstered or finished), stylish case goods, accessories, and luxury bed set linens.

The Dioniso collection of custom, solid wood bed frames create a functional and meditative sleeping space. In place of the traditional headboard, cue the luxe feather-filled cushions. A version of the Dioniso includes built-in, rotating-top side tables, adjusted at an incline. The Headboard cushions are customizable in a variety of Pianca coverings. The base structure comes in several wood stain finish options.

There is more to explore from the PIANCA brand of exquisite and stylish modular living systems and custom furnishings. Designer’s Mark invites you to schedule a consultation to learn more.

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