Dazzle Everyone With Exquisite Home Accessories


With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to find some dazzling home accessories that’ll make entertaining exciting. We’re here to give you our holiday season favorites, from pieces that inspire to accessories that add that little something extra to your holiday parties.

Home Accessories for The Holidays

When we think of the holiday season, we think of golds, silvers, greens, and reds that enhance your home design. Home accessories are the simplest way to spice up your décor and give your home that added special touch even outside of the holiday season.

Aras Candle Holder by Eichholtz

This polished bronze candle holder would be at home ornamenting a holiday dinner party or a dinner night in, which is why we love this piece. The bronze finish adds shine that doesn’t take the spotlight away from other focal pieces, but the sculptured base can add variety and draw the eye with a simple arrangement. As a candle holder, this piece also perfectly blends form and function into your design choices.

Nature Grey by ONNO Collection

The candles offered by ONNO Collection embody a special kind of luxury: atmospheric scents partnered with handmade glass holders. Their scents range from florals to sweet musks to cinnamon, making these the perfect home accessories for creating a holiday atmosphere for entertaining. The Nature Grey candles’ marbled grey and black texture makes this a good fit in modern homes, or an understated addition to a home filled with design flair.

Mantle by SkLO

The Mantle series entries are another perfect example of home accessories offering different style choices. These hand-blown glass spheres combine three colors that encompass each other, creating a layered effect that draws the eye. While these make for elegant accessories year-round, these can be styled for a holiday party to evoke typical winter style.

Ettore Tray by Uttermost

If entertaining is the highlight of your holiday season, the Ettore tray might be the perfect fit for your home. Sleek and modern in black beveled glass with antiqued gold leaf handles, this accessory brings luxury into entertaining. Understated and sure to complement a modern home design, you can use this tray for drinks or hors d’oeuvres.

Choosing Accessories for Your Home Design

Home accessories come in such a wide range of styles— you’ll find more variation in accessories than almost any other part of home design. This is because you can let your personality and style shine through with them, and they can change up a space instantly. Books by Assouline can showcase your interests, or exclusive hand-picked home accessories from John Richard can bring inspirations from around the world into your home. So, how do you choose?

Whether you’re overhauling your accessories and decor for the holiday season or looking for something that’ll elevate your home year-round, the best place to start is with the atmosphere you want to create. Think about the kind of holiday parties you want to have, and how your home accessories can work to fit into your unique style. Above all, make sure you’re inspired by the pieces that you choose!

Enchanting Home Accessories at Designer’s Mark

If you’re overwhelmed with choices or looking for something custom, our ACCESSORIZE service can help simplify the process. Our expert designers take your style and inspirations into consideration and present you with a hand-picked selection of home accessories that we’re sure you’ll love. If you want to entertain over the holidays, we can help you find pieces that serve a purpose as well as contribute to your personal style.

For even more options, check out the new Designer’s Mark Store where you can shop unique home accessories made by exclusive designers. ‘Wow’ everyone this holiday season with your interior design. Ready to make your mark? Contact Designer’s Mark today to schedule a private consultation with one of our interior design experts.

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