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My passion for something different got me started in interior design by accident, so to speak. I was determined to design my newborn son’s bedroom myself and I was having a hard time finding trendy and current baby bedding, at the time. This was 20 something years ago when the world was limited by how far you could drive to the nearest baby store. I was obsessed to find the perfect pieces for my baby boy and felt that many other moms would face the same challenge designing their nurseries! Residing in New York at the time with many existing opportunities presenting themselves, with the custom baby industry becoming prevalent, it was a natural and organic transition to begin decorating client’s homes both in NYC and the surrounding suburbs.

With that spark of opportunity, inspiration and determination I started my own interior design business focusing on designing and creating trendy and inviting spaces for kids and teens. With the experience and the knowledge, I gained over the last 15 years with colors, textures, customization and trades, I have grown and transformed my love and passion for custom interiors into accomplishing entire home design projects.

Three years ago as a family, we made our move to sunny South Florida. I immediately found myself doing what I love doing best, by helping my neighbors and friends design and decorate their newly constructed dream homes. Admittedly my patience, calm demeanor, eye for color, elegant styling and scale are the attributes gained from years of hands on experience that give me the edge and fuel my passion for interior design. 

I’m pleased and excited to be working with Designer’s Mark of Boca Raton to bring you the highest level of professionalism, great selections, personable service, unlimited resources, integrity and a great overall experience from beginning to end. We are ready to make our Mark by designing your next dream home.

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