Currey & Company Lighting Can Transform Your Space

Currey & Company Lighting

Did you know that about 64,000 New Yorkers moved to Florida in 2017? In fact, Florida is considered to be the most popular destination of choice for Americans moving in-country. This means that there are a lot of new houses that need to be furnished, styled and transformed into a home to be proud of.

One of the easiest, and most effective, ways to transform your space is to pay attention to the lighting in your rooms. It has the potential to change a modest home into a sophisticated and inspiring space – and here’s how.

The Importance of Lighting

Although lighting serves a predominantly functional service, it also plays a crucial role in the aesthetic and mood of a room. Due to its versatile purpose, lighting has come to be a central component of interior design.

While it may be obvious how the lighting in a room can remove darkness, it may not be as clear how it works as an aesthetic element in the home. Currey & Company boast exquisite chandeliers, wall sconces, table, and floor lamps and even outdoor lighting that serve the dual purpose of function and aesthetic.

5 Ways That Lighting Can Transform Your Room

Whether you’ve recently bought a new home, or are renovating your current one, you can do wonders by focusing on the lighting.

1. Enhance Color Management

The color of the light depends on more than just a white or yellow bulb. You can also opt for colored shades which can extend a beautiful tone to match the rest of your home.

In addition, you can choose bright lights to create an illusion of space, and darker lighting for the opposite effect. Due to the effect of color psychology and the influence that it has on those living in the home, lighting and color management are worth placing the thought and investment into it.

2. Add Directional Lighting

A great perk about a beautiful lighting feature is the ability to direct illumination to other features in the home. For example, a lamp can be focused on a painting or a vase of flowers. A focus on directional lighting is an effective way to make a statement in your home.

Take your pick between track lighting, where the direction can be adjusted, and recessed lighting which creates vertical beams of illumination. Paying attention to small details, such as the stream of illumination in the room, can have a big effect on the mood and aesthetic.

3. Set The Mood (Ambiance)

Nothing quite sets a romantic mood like a dimmed light in the evening. In the same breath, a brightly lit room can create an incredible sense of space and lightness.

Research has shown that a well-lit room can improve the mood and energy levels of space, while bad lighting can contribute towards feelings of depression. Visiting an interior design showroom that has been set up by professional interior designers allows you to experiment with these different moods.

4. Create An Illusion Of Space

A dark room can often feel more cramped and smaller than it is in reality. By simply adding the right lighting, you can open your room and create an increased sense of space.

Corner lamps and wall scones are great assets in a smaller room and help create a visually larger space.

5. Fulfill A Functional Purpose

At the end of the day, lights are designed to serve the purpose of lighting up your home. An effective light will do its job in an environmentally conscious way (just make sure that you choose the correct eco-friendly bulb).

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t impress your guests with the functional components of your home.

What Can Currey & Company Provide?

Currey & Company shine the light on some of the most beautiful and effective lighting products for the home. Recently, they’ve expanded their collection to include furniture, upholstery and home accessories, meaning that you can have the same high quality of aesthetic in all aspects of your home.

At Designer’s Mark, we showcase hand-picked Currey & Company lighting features in our Florida Showroom. Contact us at 561-961-4149 to book a private preview and experience how Currey & Company can help transform the rooms in your home.

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