Creating The Perfect Modern Interior Design

Modern Interior Design

A refreshed modern interior could be just what your home needs to take it to the next level. With modern interior design branching out to suit so many tastes and styles, you’re free to step out of the box with this year’s trends while still keeping your individuality at the core of your home’s design. We’re here to give you the beginner’s guide to modern style that stays luxurious.

What Makes A Modern Interior?

So, what is a modern interior? A few years ago, you might have been right if you thought modern meant block colors and sleek lines. While these still remain, newer trends have brought in dynamic maximalism and nature. Working from home has changed the way a lot of us use our home’s spaces, and how we feel we need to decorate.

Natural greens and wood finishes bring in the sense of nature that we’ve been missing— and they bring it with style. Modern home offices need to be more versatile than ever, creating an upsurge in furnishings that fulfill both form and function. You’re spoiled for choice when creating a modern interior, no matter your personal style.

Creating A Modern Space

  1. The color palette sets the tone and atmosphere of your space, so it’s a perfect place to start when thinking of redecorating. Modern interior design trends favor a simple selection of colors but using accents wisely for a bold statement. Recent trends have favored green tones for that natural feel, which go hand in hand with an abundance of natural light.
  2. For larger furnishings, focus on low and long furniture. This opens up your space and can help direct the eye to artwork or accent accessories. Using natural materials like wood and glass elevate your space, bringing contemporary design inspiration into a modern interior.
  3. Choose home accessories with care. In a modern interior, your home accessories are most likely going to be your focal points. They can make a statement or complement your space, so make sure to choose pieces that are going to fit your style with ease.
  4. Clean lines separate older styles from modern interior design. Antique-style furnishings have flourishes which over-clutter a modern space, so these are the first to go. Desks, countertops, tables, and furniture are selected with sleek lines and simple finishes, and detail is often brought in through texture rather than complicated embellishments.
  5. Keep the focus on creating a space that is simple and functional. Modern interior design doesn’t gel with furnishings that are unnecessary. Rather, let each addition to your space serve a purpose and elevate your style.

Modern Interiors from Designer’s Mark

Our Boca Raton showroom is set to inspire with offerings from the leaders of modern design. Designers like Thayer Coggin bring the classic American mid-century modern style into the luxury market, providing made-to-order furnishings that feel innovative and design focused. Materials sourced from within the U.S. bring the natural inspirations that have taken over recent trends, all while remaining sustainable.

Dôme Deco is another pioneer that builds around the modern style. Natural wood finishes and a simple color palette help your interior feel modern and open, with an excellent selection of fabrics to choose from for texture.

If you’re looking to give your space the modern style that suits you, our expert interior design consultants are ready to help you find your inspiration. Being spoiled for choice can make the process more difficult, and we’d love to help you get rid of the hassle. Using your style and tastes, we can handpick a selection of furnishings for you to choose from. Be inspired and embrace modern interior design with Designer’s Mark.

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