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A Designer’s Mark Spotlight feature on Christopher Guy, the iconic designer of luxury custom furniture, decorative mirrors, and decor. From custom collections to well-appointed residences and Hollywood set design, Christopher Guy (CG) has become a leader in blending classicism with modernism in celebration of the fabulous lifestyle.

Born in England in 1960, Christopher Guy Harrison grew up in Spain and France. From a young age he drew inspiration from the aesthetic beauty of French and Spanish design. It’s an influence among all his collections. He has the eye of a classic modern romantic, drawing inspiration from the Belle Époque, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco periods.

Established in 1993 under the Harrison-Gil label, which became known for its sought-after decorative mirrors, the company expanded and changed its name to Christopher Guy (CG) in 2005. Today CG manufacturing is based in Java, Indonesia, with its operational headquarters in London and flagship design house based in Beverly Hills, CA.

Modern Romanticism

Within the last ten years there has been a shift in trends to classic modern contemporary. An appreciation remains for the clean, minimal lines of mid-century modern Dutch and American design periods. Art Deco is an example with its enduring appeal in Miami Beach style.

The Romantic period is between 1800 and 1890; overlapping with the Belle Époque period of France (1871-1914). A reaction to the Industrial Revolution, romanticism comes from enlightened thinking, individualism, and lush beauty. An example of the theme and color space of romanticism, seen in Flaming June (1895) by Frederic Leighton.

Luxury Seating

First up, the CG seating collection offers a range of lounge and dining chairs, sofas, and settees. We begin with the classic Rosier made with the patented Chris-Cross (also known as Chris-X) leg design at the back. The Rosier comes as a lounge or high-back seat for dining. It is customizable in fabric and finish and measures 28w x 25d x 31h.

Secondly, the Art Deco inspired Seurat line is a modern luxury twist of the lounge seat, standard, and sectional sofa. The sectional is available in various size format configurations and constructed left or right.

Next up, the Hepburn takes its name from the legendary Katherine. Inspired by her iconic style and Art Deco period elegance, the Hepburn is a U-shaped sectional of carved wood frame and deep square cushioning. Offered in five formats with customizable upholstery and finish.

The Dita line of bed frames and settees get inspiration from the iconic vintage glamour of its namesake, the burlesque performer Dita Von Teese. The plush velvet upholstery is available in dark red velvet or pink champagne. The Dita settees come in 91w x 37d x 39h and 110w x 37d x 39h formats.

Lastly, a bestseller in loveseats; the CG Swirl Gauche (left in French) and Swirl Droite (right). A curvaceous asymmetrical loveseat with left or right slant, the signature Chris-Cross legs, and a hand-carved crown swirl at the back. Swirl Gauche and Swirl Droite come in four size formats and a variety of customizable upholstery and finishes.

Decorative Mirrors

CG established itself as a master maker of exquisite decorative mirrors. The bestselling Camilla is inspired by Camilla Parker Bowles’ chapeau worn on her wedding day. Convex glass is set inside a hand-carved wood frame of spiraling feathers and finished in 20th-century silver leaf. Available in three size formats.

Finally, for the modern minimalist, CG offers the modular BarCode. It is installed at different heights and widths, according to the user’s imagination and desired scale. BarCode has been successful in hotel and restaurant installations. Available in customizable formats by adding additional geometric mirrors; offered in Bronzage or Renaissance Gold Leaf edging.


CG is known for its luxury interior commissions at The Venetian and Bellagio Las Vegas, the St. Clemente Palace, Venice, and the Georgian Restaurant & Tea Room at Harrods, London. Completed in 2014, the Georgian’s decorative molding and filigree skylight of the main dining room were restored by English Heritage. CG added velvet banquettes and Chris-Cross mahogany dining chairs to the timelessly chic renovation. Additionally, Christopher Guy’s global projects include luxury hotels and residences at The Belmonte in Lagos, Nigeria, China, and Abu Dhabi.

Lastly, CG has also expanded into the realm of set design. You can see CG set pieces in The Devil Wears Prada and Casino Royale (both from 2006); and most recently Cold Pursuit in 2019.

Timeless Style: CG Custom Furniture

Designer’s Mark offers the complete line of Christopher Guy’s unique approach to timeless modern luxury and custom furniture. Residential and commercial projects are welcome. Please contact us to schedule a consultation and viewing at our Boca Raton interior design showroom. C’est la vie!

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