Choosing The Best Window Shades For Your Home

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Window shades are a great alternative to standard window treatments such as drapes or blinds.  Installing them in your home helps you control the light that comes into a room without compromising on privacy. To select the best option for your home, consider the room or rooms that you require to moderate light, heat, and privacy in. Their screen fabrics come in a variety of colors and opacity ratings to suit the needs of every room. Our team at Designer’s Mark can work with you and your interior designer to choose the right window shades to suit each room of your home perfectly.

Tips For Choosing Window Shades for Your Home

When considering window shades for your home, keep these things in mind:

  1. Your needs: Are they for a bedroom and do you like to sleep late and need to block natural light? Are they for a living room that needs more natural light inside? Chain free shades that automatically or by remote, raise and lower is a safer option for those with young children.
  2. Material: They come in several different materials and colors such as polyester, fiberglass, synthetic silks, and cottons.
  3. Style: While some may choose a monochrome color, there are also stripe patterns and floral prints to choose from when you want something different than the norm.
  4. Window shape and size: When choosing window shades for your home, consider the size or sizes of the windows that you’re covering. Larger windows more than 10 by 10 feet will no doubt require motorization to facilitate lifting.
  5. Chain Control or Motorized: To be realistic when it comes to lifting them up or down by hand, an entire home with window shades would be a task unto itself. The trend as expected is for more and more homeowners to opt for the additional cost of selecting motorized window treatments. For a fraction more a homeowner has complete control in the palm of their hand, from anywhere in the world. With temperatures rising, they are becoming an absolute necessity for controlling your heating and cooling in the home.
  6. Color: Light and neutral-colors tend to blend in with the rest of your home décor seamlessly. However, bold colors can bring warmth to a room or accents in a room.

What To Consider For Each Room

Window shades can be bought for every room of your home including the living room, bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. For the living room, choose something that allows natural light in throughout the day and offer privacy at night. Window Shades for your bedroom should be easy to clean and open throughout the day. Bathroom materials should be water and moisture-resistant, window shades from Bandalux are a great option. For your kitchen, Norman® Shutters are great near a sink or cooking space. They are grease and water-resistant and easy to clean.

Learn More About The Window Shades We Offer in Boca Raton

Choosing window shades for the rooms of your home can seem like a daunting task. However, the professional team at Designer’s Mark can work with your designer to coordinate them with other aspects of your home, including furniture, lighting, rugs, and other room accents.

Choosing the right size and style shade will set the tone of any room. By keeping our interior design tips in mind, you can enjoy the right feel you’re looking for with window shades in your home. To learn more about our selections, please call ahead to schedule an appointment or come in to browse at our Boca Raton interior design showroom today!

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