A History Of John Richard Furniture

John Richard Furniture

John Richard is the company responsible for many of the most luxurious home decor and furniture items trending today. Bold pops of gold paired with contemporary matte black and faux prints with rich texture and bronze hardware are a staple of John Richard’s designs.

Showcasing a unique blend of distinctive pieces, JR designs draw from global inspiration to create botanicals and wall art, furniture, and artisan-fashioned decor accessories with exclusive design. The JR collection features everything from upholstered furniture, sideboards, and dressers to wall art. Designer’s Mark is proud to offer this timeless remarkable collection.

Early Beginnings

John Richard was founded in 1980 in a 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Mississippi by Alex Malouf. The name, John Richard, comes from Malouf’s middle name and that of the former original partner.

It began as a sideline business to his father’s company, Malouf Furniture, which continues today as one of the largest retail furniture stores in the Mississippi Delta. With the start of John Richard, Alex Malouf hoped to become the top producer of luxury art. So, the first and only product of JR designs was 38 prints of hand-colored engravings.

In 1987 Alex Malouf became the sole owner of John Richard. Over the next two decades, the company would expand to include lighting, mirrors, accent furniture, and home accessories. Today, the company boasts an impressive global reach with offices in the Philippines, Indonesia, and China, in addition to its US operations. In total, John Richard has over 450,000 sq. ft. of distribution and manufacturing space in Greenwood, MS alone.

Malouf remained the owner until 2020 when the company was sold. Still, John Richard remains a family-owned and operated affair as Malouf’s sons have continued the multi-generational legacy. The John Richard collection includes 7,000 unique home furnishing items. Each year, around 1,400 new items are added, while a similar amount is discontinued.

The John Richard Collection

John Richard offers a wide range of classic and modern furniture for any room of the house. The collections range from classic to modern to Asian-influenced and were largely inspired by the Art Deco movement. The company is known for its incorporation of Mississippi Delta botanicals like the saw palmetto palms and other regionally inspired forms. John Richard is the epitome of superior attention to craftsmanship and detail.

From gorgeous beds to accent pieces with clean lines for your living room or home office, when you’re looking for a unique style, you’ll find it with the innovation and artistry of John Richard. Global and cultural influences are thrown into the mix for an interesting twist on tradition that will add charm to any room it’s placed in – especially when paired up with the right art and elements of form.

John Richard is a company with a rich history and a commitment to quality. The company has grown over the years, but its founder’s love of design and craftsmanship remains at the heart of everything they do. When you choose John Richard furniture pieces for your home, you’re choosing high-quality elegance with a timeless signature.

Shop John Richard at Designer’s Mark

High-end furniture has always been among the most fashionable design items, and no one knows that better than John Richard. The company’s distinctive style and commitment to quality craftsmanship have allowed them to build a luxury design collection that is more impressive than many.

As lovers of fine furniture ourselves, we are excited to offer some of their most beautiful pieces here at Designer’s Mark. Whether you’re looking for a sofa or bedside table, you can be confident that you will enjoy the same level of comfort and attention to design detail exhibited by all John Richard products.

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