10 Ways To Transform Your Bedroom Design

bedroom design

Your bedroom’s design is meant to help you relax and revitalize for the next day. Unfortunately, bedroom decor can end up looking flat and uninspired if you focus on function alone. We’re here with 10 ways that you can elevate your bedroom’s style and find the nexus between functionality and aesthetics.

Upgrading Your Bedroom Design

bedroom design

It’s a multi-step process to design a bedroom, and there’s more to consider than you may think. Bedrooms need to be a place where you can fully relax and unwind, and give you a space that you’ll be happy to start your day in. With both in mind, let’s dive into 10 ways you can transform your bedroom design:

  1. Have a dedicated vanity area. An organized vanity helps you start your morning in the right frame of mind, giving you a quiet and peaceful space to get ready for the day. Skincare products, cosmetics, and styling products can be stored neatly out of view while remaining within reach to make getting ready a breeze.
  2. Custom fit your dressing space. A custom-fit walk-in closet or vanity area can make or break your space. With a more intensive redesign, a walk-in closet can elevate your style and your quality of life, creating the perfect space for your clothes to be on display while keeping your bedroom space itself free of excess visual distraction.
  3. Create a seating area. Whether it’s an armchair, window seat, or a full book nook, extra seating in bedrooms is unbelievably underrated. This is even more so for bedrooms with a view. By capitalizing on this seating space, you create a place for rest and relaxation outside of just your bed.
  4. Invest in wall art that inspires. Although bedroom designs are often on the simpler side, wall art is the best way to bring a burst of inspiration and your personal style into your room. Multi-panel wall art adds visual interest and layers when used above a headboard or offsets a blank wall in your line of sight. Most importantly, you should choose art that carries the emotion and inspiration you want for your space.
  5. Stick with smart lighting. While we advocate for smart lighting solutions throughout your home, this is undoubtedly the most important in bedroom design. Being able to control the room’s lights and the ambient temperature of the bulbs from your nightstand is a real game changer, putting ease and atmosphere no more than an arm’s length away from comfort.
  6. Create space with mirrors. For bedrooms on the smaller side, you can create the illusion of more space with mirrors. These could be wall-mounted or stand-alone features, and they do far more than just open up your space. They help to bounce light around a space and provide a practical function when getting ready for the day.
  7. Change out your hardware. If you’re not using a fully customized bedroom design, changing out hardware is the quickest and easiest way to add cohesiveness to a space. By matching hardware between a chest of drawers and your nightstands, for example, you can create the “different-but-same” effect even with different material finishes.
  8. Add a dedicated writing desk. A small writing desk doesn’t take the place of a home office. Rather, it can provide a space for journaling, letter writing, and those essential late-night emails.
  9. Use storage wisely. You’re probably storing a lot in your bedroom. Whether it’s an extra blanket or clothing, you don’t need overt storage to make it work. Furnishings, especially seating, and footrests, can have hidden storage that keeps your space looking clean.
  10. Add the finishing touch with home accessories. While we want to hide clutter, home accessories provide visual interest without overcomplicating your space. They add to the atmosphere your space gives off, too, with items like diffusers and candles delivering more than just visual design.
bedroom design

Bedroom Interior Design at Designer’s Mark

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